Changing Seasons

There are only two seasons in Indonesia: dry season and rainy season. And now the dry season has ended, the rain falls, and the bare branches are ready to sprout again.


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          1. Sipp 😀 Tapi gak perlu panggil master jugalah jadi malu nih hehe.. Yang penting keep posting and jepret-jepret! Ntar kapan-kapan kita hunting bareng ya 🙂

          1. umm..poin? belum ada sepertinya 😀

            hehe.. untuk vote dan tambah poin itu emang gimana caranya Bang? #eaaaa 😀 *ketauan gaptek kan* hihihi

          2. aku ga tau gimana caranya buat nambahin, tp bisa diliat perolehannya dg cara login ke websitenya dan klik page Stage 1, lihat di bagian bawahnya ya.. 😀

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